Two Hands Holding Pregnancy Test

Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy ~ From Prenatal Screenings to Delivery and Breastfeeding

Becoming a parent is an incredible miracle – but it can also be stressful.

This free 28-page guide is designed to quickly answer your pregnancy questions, from prenatal tests to car seat installation. In Having a Baby: Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy, you’ll discover the first signs of labor and how much fetal movement you can expect in each trimester. This downloadable e-book answers common questions from every stage of your pregnancy journey.

This complete guide to pregnancy will cover:

  • Tests and screenings you can expect
  • How to perform daily activities, such as exercise, while you’re pregnant
  • How your pregnancy will and won’t impact your ability to work
  • Which complications you should be alert for
  • How to talk to your doctor about your pregnancy
  • What to expect during delivery and childbirth
  • And more!
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